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Item details
Price $2,000
Description Two channels of Passive and Inductor based Program Equalization!

Heavily modified version of the Pultec EQP-1, adding much more flexibility in the Low-End Boost/Cut, and in the High-Cut sections, with excellent Sowter inductors used in the High-Boost.

Single tube design, using one NOS Tesla/Sabre 6DJ8 per channel.

Hammond Transformers isolating both Inputs and Outputs.

This EQ is a dream to use!

Most report that it adds a sense of 3D, depth or extended size to a mix, on top of having a rich low-end control with a smooth and comfortable high-end response; even when you're boosting 8k @ 10!

You're welcome to schedule a tour of the studio, and bring some demo-tracks along to try the EQ out!
Created 20131106
Owner Tristan.Miller
Promotion level None
Location Hamilton
LINK Catherine North
Social Media Link Catherine North Electronics