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Price $5,000
Description Here is a lovely project Dave and I have been picking away at. Before it's complete I figured you all may enjoy seeing what we're up to. It's 12 channels of WBS M490H (line amps with transformers) that have been modified to be M490A Mic pre-amps.

These consoles were responsible for the sound of broadcasting throughout Canada in the 80s and 90s. The consoles were originally meant to fit into a cutout of a desk in a radio station, and were never intended to be portable. These are FANTASTIC sounding mic pre-amps and with the summing amplifiers we've chosen (M528 From the ST Series console) this thing will sound as good as an SSL. On the summing end it's and extremely similar circuit based around the 5534 op-amp. The whole idea behind this design is to have it as a quick setup and tear down. Everything now plugs in via EDACs and fans out appropriately. We've taken the once internal insert points and brought them out to EDACS. Included with the console will be an EDAC to EDAC jumper. This is a project designed by APKaudio and built with the assistance of Dave Pihlaja.

Work accomplished to date

-Gain pot brought to the front

- Recapped

- post fader direct outs (all mogami internal)

- Custom engraved buttons

- All the faders have been fully restored

- EDACs on mic in / direct out / insert send and return

- Custom wooden box buit by

- EDAC to XLR snakes for mic in / line out (Belden 8451)

- EDAC to EDAC jumper for insert send / return (Can be wired for optional patchbay allowing you to use the insert return as a line in making it PERFECT 12 channel summing mixer.

The bulk of the work has been accomplished but there is work left to do:

- Monitor section

- Summing outputs to EDAC

- Power supply tray

- VU meter box

12 Channel WBS pre-amps with summing made with love

$5000 is the asking price for the complete console, tested and calibrated. The price mainly reflects the labour involved in turing the console from a mammoth instal to a sleek portable unit.

More pictures and info to come as the project progresses!
Category WBS
Created 20131128
Owner APKaudio
Promotion level Gold
Location Toronto