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Price $2,400
Description Catherine North Electronics newest: The CN2A

An Optical Leveling Tube Amplifier.

Your audio signal goes through a lovely Sowter Input transformer, and into the hand-crafted Optical Compression Cell.

Followed closely by a lovely Mullard 12ax7 for the initial make-up gain, and driven out another Sowter transformer by an Electro-Harmonix 12bh7.

The Detector and Optical Drive unit is run off an EH-12ax7, and a nos-6aq5.


'Gain Reduction - Low-Cut' is a 6dB/octave high-pass filter placed on the signal going into the detection circuit, reducing the compression sensitivity at low-frequencies.

Ever heavily compress a signal, but get stuck with an un-wanted 'Pumping' or 'Breathing' response? Cut out the low-end from the detector, but keep it in your audio!

The Compression Cell is made using modern LED Technology... This does not mean a super fast attack and release!

The attack time, slope and knee have been tuned to suite our sonic desires.

The initial release length has been timed to a moderate amount, but the joy lives in the fact that the real-release characteristic is program dependant!

The result, is a compression response that smoothly grabs, and reduces the range of your signal...

While still leaving enough of initial transient intact to retain clear definition and punch of your original signal!

"I love the tone. Amazing response to vocals and keys. I find it easy to find a spot in the mix with minimal fuss!"

The hand-crafted optical cell sits into an Octal Socket, and can be instantly replaced with any other T4a or T4b replacement cell... No modification needed!
Created 20140624
Owner Tristan.Miller
Promotion level None
Location Hamilton
LINK CatherineNorth
Social Media Link Catherine North Electronics