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Item details
Price $500
Description Standard features are video in, AES/EBU I/O, analogue XLR (balanced I/O), unbalanced RCA out, subcode editing, read and write timecode, mem points, remote capability (remote not included), ability to run off internal or external clock and importantly, four heads to allow for off-tape monitoring during recording. In production, this saves the quality control step of playing back the entire program to verify it.

Note that this machine has not been used for several years but that on playback testing prior to listing for this auction, it successfully loaded and played back a DAT. I am, however, offering this machine on an as-is, non-returnable basis, due to the complexity and age of the device. DAT machines in general can be very variable in terms of their ability to read other tapes: some machines, like the ancient Panasonic SV-3500, are very tolerant of tapes recorded on poorly-tracking machines, but this model of machine is quite particular, which might account for its original list price of over $5,000.
Created 20140818
Owner Graeme
Promotion level None
Location Toronto, Leslieville
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