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Item details
Price $7,500
Description All 3 are 100A 3-phase panels. They stack and interlock. One has wheels on the bottom for easy storage.

5-foot Cam-Tails as input.
2 near-complete CamTee sets included.
Originally made for supplying a large amount of Food-Trucks and other festival vendors.

2 panels are identical with:
6 dbl 30A
1 dbl 20A
1 single 20A
1 quad box of 15a u-ground, (2 breakers)
A single 15A u-ground,
A 15A gfci.

The third panel has:
6 dbl 30A,
1 dbl 20A,
1 single 20A
1 quad box of 20A. (Each outlet on its own breaker, 4!)
And a 50A stove plug.
... This one has the wheels on the bottom.

There's also about 10,000 tie wraps to make the wiring look pretty!

Price as-is,
But cover the expense, and I can arrange the proper ESA certification.
Category Furniture
Created 20160524
Owner Tristan.Miller
Promotion level None
Location Toronto
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