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AVOID $20 any size + shipping
$1500 - Classe CP-50 Preamplifier MONITORING 5031 3
Here is a Classe CP-50 Preamplifier - Price reduced from $1800 to $1500 Possibly one of the nicest builds I've ever seen. This could easily make an amazing monitor controller. Mastering grade components inside (see pictures). A+++ build it's a tank. There are 2 balanced inputs, and 4 unbalanced inputs. There is also a surround input the volume pot is very smooth and seamless (not much of a zipper sound) Remote - tested works. It's cosmetically in great condition but it may not be to audiophile pristine condition that's why it's below market value.
12 Channel WBS pre-amps with summing CONSOLES - WBS 4719 2
Here is a lovely project Dave and I have been picking away at. Before it's complete I figured you all may enjoy seeing what we're up to. It's 12 channels of WBS M490H (line amps with transformers) that have been modified to be M490A Mic pre-amps. These consoles were responsible for the sound of broadcasting throughout Canada in the 80s and 90s. The consoles were originally meant to fit into a cutout of a desk in a radio station, and were never intended to be portable. These are FANTASTIC sounding mic pre-amps and with the summing amplifiers we've chosen (M528 From the ST Series console) this thing will sound as good as an SSL. On the summing end it's and extremely similar circuit based around the 5534 op-amp. The whole idea behind this design is to have it as a quick setup and tear down. Everything now plugs in via EDACs and fans out appropriately. We've taken the once internal insert points and brought them out to EDACS. Included with the console will be an EDAC to EDAC jumper. This is a project designed by APKaudio and built with the assistance of Dave Pihlaja. Work accomplished to date -Gain pot brought to the front - Recapped - post fader direct outs (all mogami internal) - Custom engraved buttons - All the faders have been fully restored - EDACs on mic in / direct out / insert send and return - Custom wooden box buit by - EDAC to XLR snakes for mic in / line out (Belden 8451) - EDAC to EDAC jumper for insert send / return (Can be wired for optional patchbay allowing you to use the insert return as a line in making it PERFECT 12 channel summing mixer. The bulk of the work has been accomplished but there is work left to do: - Monitor section - Summing outputs to EDAC - Power supply tray - VU meter box 12 Channel WBS pre-amps with summing made with love $5000 is the asking price for the complete console, tested and calibrated. The price mainly reflects the labour involved in turing the console from a mammoth instal to a sleek portable unit. More pictures and info to come as the project progresses!
$20 - BEHGINNER - Behringer T-Shirt SWAG 4696 1
$20 + $hipping Any size
Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis Cases 4607 6
Due to popular demand: Introducing: the Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis and connector kit APKaudio and Ward-Beck Systems are excited to announce a new lineup of retro products. Started with possibly the most requested and in demand item the has needed: A 2RU rack enclosure for (2) 14" WBS modules. Most rack users have a 3RU box to enclose (2) WBS modules. With Studios shrinking in size and gear filling up the cramped racks with all the killer deals these day... there has been a need for this enclosure. Originally designed by veteran WBS fabricator Erwin S. for the current lineup of WBS AMS-8 products. The design updates and fabrication are carried forward by Shop Manager and Mechanical designer at Ward-Beck systems Dave Adams. Dave is a master metal smith utilizing the tools that built the modules WBSps users want to have rack mounted. Dave has been working with APKaudio to create a stable platform in a 2RU enclosure. The BUM (Back Unit Mount) will be pre-punched for however you decided to wire it. Power options and i/o varieties make for easy design. Sold as a DIY kit ready to wire! Modules, switches and connectors pictured are not included. Future options will include: - Internal Power supply - DB25 pre-wired breakouts - DB25 to EDAC connectors for the modules of your choice Future designs include RTO-47 (4) 7" L series modules in 2RU RTO-27 (2) 7" L series modules in 1RU RTO-26.5 (2) 6.5" retro 400 series modules in 1RU
$275 - Tascam 122 MKII - Three head Cassette recorder RECORDERS 4458 2
$275 - Tascam 122 MKII - Three head Cassette recorder Presumed fully functional will test before shipping possibly one of the best tape decks ever made Great as a tape delay!
WBS L2042 - wired how you want CONSOLES - WBS 3829 0
Wired how you want it for your infrastructure... could include some infrastructure....Purchase price will include shipping anywhere in Canada and an in house visit / commissioning. Console comes with 2 year parts warranty and lifetime worth of support. the sky is the limit on this console. Lies Stock decommissioned ready to move. Massive internal patchbay... I imagine this was once a $20,000 add on to a stock L2042. comes with: (20) WBS M470A (20) WBS M472 equalizers (2) M466 - Compressors (1) patchbay (40) Long Frame Patch Cables (1) script tray Or however you want it made... Custom monitor section for headphone sends and talkback available. Console could also be available for rental. Please inquire
$20 - Inturn SWAG 3396 0
$20 any size + Shipping
$250 - STUDER Telephone Hybrid OUTBOARD 3314 0
Record the BEST sounding prank calls Hook THIS up to your Telephone line. Setup a mic - feed THIS a signal via an AUX Send THIS to a channel and Voil
$400 - NAGRA IV-L Mono Field Recorder RECORDERS 3284 0
$400 - NAGRA IV-L Mono Field Recorder Untested, should work... it is a Nagra after all should be easy to fix if you need to It has no PSU or reel hold downs Item is untested but assumed needing a typical tuneup associated with a tape recorder was $500 now asking $400 - as is or greatest offer
YOU DESIGN - Ward Beck Systems - M1606 - 16 channel console - custom fabrication CONSOLES - WBS 3008 3
WBS - M1204 - 12 channel console - complete as is (8) M461 - Mic Pre-amps (8) M461M - Mic Pre-amps (16) M522 EQs with custom balancing cards (2) M46X - Reverb Return (2) M466 Compressors (1) M652B power supply all the custom parts you would need to make it work. completely gutted - and needs stand and side panels
$400 - AKG - H99 - Harry - BINURAL Stereo Microphone MICROPHONES 2764 1
AKG - H99 - Harry - BINURAL Stereo dynamic Microphone This thing works and it does EXACTLY what you think it does and it sounds EXACTLY how you think it would. Is it a Neumann KU100, HELL NO but it is something truly unique and truly fun to record with. $400
$5000 - WBS Filter rack - 12 Channels OUTBOARD 2501 0
Here is a rack of Ward-Beck filters I have on the go. 12 Channel of WBS filters (2) M462 - three Band full parametric, High Low Shelf Switch (2) M462A - Three Band High Low Shelf with Sweepable mid (2) M462B - Four Band full parametric, High Low Shelf Switch (2) M464 - HP LP Filter (2) M562C - Stereo 4 band Offered Racked and powered, with EDAC in and OUT - EDAC In out snake extra 2 months lead time needed for this item
Drawmer MX30 - PAIR OUTBOARD 2356 0
Drawmer MX30 - (There is a pair of these consecutive serial numbers) $275 EACH UNIT
(5) WBS M466 compressors (4) WBS M467 Gates (modified to have key inputs) wired to EDAC breakout (included)
Ward Beck POD22 VU Meter OUTBOARD 2324 0
Ward Beck POD22 VU Meter My neighbour makes these chasis' - he is brilliant The best VU meter ever - it has Fl-A.s-.hIN.-g.--.L- . I- g-HT'''s it's an alternative it can go anywhere $5 / day onsite I'm sure Kevin can sell you one
28 module wide frame with buckets CONSOLES - WBS 2313 1
includes Buckets and metal work. PSU frames. Everything you need to make it go. Requires New Meter Panel - $1000 service 3 hours of Consultation for construction included. Support though the website
$400 - TASCAM 122 MKII - AMAZING Condition RECORDERS 2290 1
The last great Cassette deck ever made new belts 2010 fully tested, works perfectly A+++ condition $400
RCA BA-72A pair of Mic Pre-amps OUTBOARD 2254 0
What can I say? These are simply gorgeous sounding pres. With the meters and meter buffers, DI, phase, pad, phantom power and 6dB boost switches, these are ready to rock. They are re-capped and sound beautiful. I had these for sale on the big 'E' for $1800, but can sell them here in the safe zone for $1599US plus shipping and insurance. If within two weeks you decide you don't like them, send them back to Gruning Audioworks for a full refund (minus shipping).
$350 BSS = DPR-402 - Compressor limiter / De-Esser OUTBOARD 2200 0
CLASSIC DPR-402 - Compressor limiter / De-Esser There is a modified link switch on the front Sounds great. work perfectly one needs new lightbulbs, the other has them. $350 each or $650 for the pair
Soundcraft 200B - with power supply and cable CONSOLES 2182 0
Soundcraft 200B - with power supply and cable 24 Channels of microphone pre-amp! needs some love make me an offer I cannot refuse
$150 - DYNAMAX CTR10 CART RECORDER / PLAYER This is a mono deck presumed working I cannot test it
$120 - MARANTZ PMD-221 portable Mono Cassette Deck RECORDERS 2135 0
$120 - MARANTZ PMD-221 portable Mono Cassette Deck Un-tested, presumed working will test before shipping.
$120 - SONY TC-D5 Portable Stereo Cassette Deck RECORDERS 2105 1
$120 - SONY TC-D5 Portable Stereo Cassette Deck Runs tape rather well, transport in good shape. When you put signal into it both VU meters bounce on record but on playback only one side plays.
Mic Pre-Amps from CP6800 Console OUTBOARD 2102 1
This is a recent rack job by Gruning Audioworks. These are very nice Soundtracs C-080-E modules that I modified and cut down for use as stand-alone pres. They sound great and have a very useful EQ section, phantom power, polarity, and pad switches. I got a bunch of these in trade so can afford to let them go at $50 above what I usually charge for an unloaded, turnkey rack. Price does NOT include shipping. If you don't like them, send 'em back within two weeks in the same condition and I'll refund your money (minus shipping). Thanks Anthony for the alternative to the big E.
YAMAHA PB-1 instrument pre-amp eq and crossover something different
$10 - Dynamex CTR300 - 3 spot Cart deck with recorder RECORDERS 2028 0
$10 - Dynamex CTR300 - 3 spot Cart deck with recorder Presumed working but sold as is as I have no way of testing it I was thinking of using this as parts for a tape delay... it has a record card (mono) and (3) playback cards (all mono) would REALLy be a HIFI tape delay
96 Point Patch Bay - with EDAC SNAKES CABLE - PATCHING 2003 0
Here is a 96 Point Patch Bay - with 40 foot (ish) SNAKES with (6) 12 channel EDAC connectors attached. 1/2 normaled, connections double checked Hinged panel will include pinouts $1200 or greatest offer
New Frontiers DSP-2110-EX S - signal Analyzer WORKBENCH 1981 0
New Frontiers DSP-2110-EX S - signal Analyzer a VERY cool stand alone unit. It is a Stereo spectrum analyzer, midi analyzer, oscilloscope, DB meter over time requires VGA monitor
BELDEN 4251 - 24 foot - 24 Channel Bundles CABLE - PATCHING 1980 0
BELDEN 4251 - 24 foot(ish) - 24 Channel Bundles in black expandable sleeving Usually 33 cents a foor $50 a bundle or $150 for all (4)
$200 - SSL 4000 - 82E293 - LOGIC CARD CONSOLES - SSL 1924 0
$200 - SSL 4000 - 82E293 - LOGIC CARD
$300 - Yamaha SPX900 Reverb OUTBOARD 1924 0
Yamaha SPX900 Reverb 50 Superb Effect Programs Offering 50 preset effect programs, the SPX900 also provides simultaneous processing of up to 5 effects at one time. With a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, it delivers a full frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Exceptionally clean, professional quality sound makes the SPX900 the most appropriate choice for sophisticated sound and recording systems. Broad Programming Versatiity Any of the 50 preset programs can be edited, re-titled, and stored in any of the 49 RAM (user memory) locations. Each program has a range of "main" parameters that tailor the effect to a specific application. Individual two-band EQ and dynamic filter parameters are also provided for each effect program. In addition, the SPX900 offers a group of internal parameters that provide custom control over each effect. Finally, level parameters balance between direct sound, and set overall output level. External Controller Assignment An EXTERNAL CONTROL ASSIGN function makes it possible to assign two selected parameters from each program to two external controllers. The selected parameters can be remotely controlled in real-time. MIDI Control For sophisticated remote control, and automation capability the SPX900 is extensively MIDI equipped. It allows MIDI selection of all programs, and real-time control of up to two selected effect parameters at one time. Switchable MIDI THRU/OUT terminal is provided. When switched to OUT edited programs stored in internal RAM can be dumped to a second SPX900, a MIDI data recorder, or other storage device, and later reloaded via the MIDI IN terminal. Reverb A broad range of different reverb effects are offered, simulating the type of natural reverberation experienced in a variety of acoustic spaces. A number of reverb programs stretch the acoustic environment, providing effects such as long tunnel or deep canyon reverberation. REV 6 WHITE ROOM, REV 11 TUNNEL, REV 12 CANYON and REV 13 BASEMENT offer a range of parameters allowing you to adjust the room's dimensions and relative sound absorption of the wall features. Reverb programs also include a programmable gate which can be selectively triggered by the input signal, a MIDI message, or a trigger footswitch. Reverb programs include: REV 1 HALL, REV 2 HALL & GATE, REV 3 ROOM 1, REV 4 ROOM 2, REV 5 ROOM 3, REV 6 WHITE ROOM, REV 7 VOCAL 1, REV 8 VOCAL 2, REV 9 PLATE, REV 10 PLATE & GATE, REV 11 TUNNEL, REV 12 CANYON, REV 13 BASEMENT. Early Reflection Early reflection programs simulate the first few reflections that occur just after a sound is produced - before the reflections become dense enough to be called reverberation - adding punch and presence to vocals and instruments. Early reflection programs can be used to create short reverb type effects or longer "dense echo" type sounds. PROGRAMMABLE ER allows you to individually specify delay time, level and stereo position of up to 19 early reflections. GATE REVERB combines early reflections the early reflections with a programmable, triggerable gate so you can "shape" the effect sound as required. The REVERSE GATE produces a contemporary reverse-reverb effect that can sound like a tape being played backwards. Features also include PERCUSSION ER. Delay & Echo DELAY L, R; and DELAY L, C, R are sophisticated delay programs that make it possible to create a wide range of dynamic delay effects. STEREO ECHO offers independently variable left, right and center channel delays. Modulation A variety of modulation effects can be produced: STEREO FLANGE produces a pleasant "swirling" sound that effectively thickens and adds warmth to the sound of an instrument or track. CHORUS serves to thinken the sound creating the effect of several instruments at once. SYMPHONIC creates a more intense, multi-voice chorus effect. PHASING is a gentler, swirling effect, lending a smooth animated quality to the original sound. TREMOLO produces a fluctuation in the volume of the signal. Noise Gate ADR-NOISE GATE uses a "gate" to pass or shut off the input signal in a number of useful ways. It can function as a "noise gate," gating out system noise when no signal is present. It is also possible to create reverse gate type effects in which the signal level increases gradually after the effect is triggered. Pitch Change Pitch Change programs alter the pitch of an input signal in semitone increments over a 4-octave range (plus or minus 2 octaves). Pitch change permits makes it possible to produce two independently pitch-shifted notes in additon to the direct signal, so you can create three-part harmonies with a single input note. Both pitch-shifted notes appear at the center of the stereo sound field. PITCH 1 & 2 produce 2 pitch-shifted notes in addition to the original input note independently fed to the left and right channel outputs. PITCH CHANGE 3 offers the most complex pitch change effect by creating three pitch-shifted notes in addition to the direct sound. MONO PITCH is ideal when a single shifted note is desired. Freeze These are sampling programs which permit recording a sound segment in the memory. The entire sound or specific portion of it may then be played back as required. A maximum of 1.35 seconds makes it possible to capture long sounds with outstanding fidelity. The FREEZE program allows single playback of the sampled sound, or continuous looped playback. Pan An advanced pan program allows the creation of a 2-dimensional "rotory" pan in addition to standard stereo pan effects enabling the sound to sweep toward and away from the listener in addition to side-to-side movement. The TRIGGERED PAN program automatically pans the sound image across the stereo sound field - with programmable attack, pan, and release rates. Compressor Compression limits the dynamic range of an input signal, boosting soft signals and reducing high signals to keep them within the specified range. It can help reduce volume fluctuations as a vocalist moves closer to or away from a microphone, or limit the maximum level of a signal to prevent system overload. The COMPRESSOR program also includes a downward expander capability for effective, real-time, noise reduction. Distortion This feature is capable of producing an extremely broad range of guitar-style overdrive sounds. In addition to distortion level, it offers equalization parameters that offer a wide palette of overdrive colors, from "chunky" rhythm to driving leads. Aural Exciter This program adds appropriate harmonics to the input signal, adding "sparkle" to the sound. This effect is often used to bring "buried" sounds to the foreground without making them louder, or to add "life" to dull-sounding tracks. Multi-Effects Multi-effect programs combine compressor, distortion, equalizer/dynamic filter, reverb, echo, chorus, symphonic or Aural Exciter effects with programmable parameters for each effect. A nearly limitless range of processing possibilities from subtle to extreme can be achieved through Multi-effect programs. Dual Effects Dual effect programs provide different, independent effects for the left and right channel outputs allowing for the creation of many unique stereo effects.
Allen and Heath GL 4000 - 40 channel console with roadcase CONSOLES 1913 0
Allen and Heath GL 4000 40 channel console with road case It could use a few typical service things but over all it's in amazing shape
$175 - SSL 4000 - VCA CARD - CF82E13 - 82E13S486 - CONSOLES - SSL 1894 2
$175 - SSL 4000 - VCA CARD - CF82E13 - 82E13S486 -
$100 - Otari MTR 12 - Audio Cards RECORDERS 1881 3
2 Otari MTR 12 audio cards taken from a working tape machine. $100 each or $150 for the pair.
Soundcraft 600 - 24 Channel with 8 subs CONSOLES 1861 0
Soundcraft 600 - 24 Channel with 8 subs
Standard features are video in, AES/EBU I/O, analogue XLR (balanced I/O), unbalanced RCA out, subcode editing, read and write timecode, mem points, remote capability (remote not included), ability to run off internal or external clock and importantly, four heads to allow for off-tape monitoring during recording. In production, this saves the quality control step of playing back the entire program to verify it. Note that this machine has not been used for several years but that on playback testing prior to listing for this auction, it successfully loaded and played back a DAT. I am, however, offering this machine on an as-is, non-returnable basis, due to the complexity and age of the device. DAT machines in general can be very variable in terms of their ability to read other tapes: some machines, like the ancient Panasonic SV-3500, are very tolerant of tapes recorded on poorly-tracking machines, but this model of machine is quite particular, which might account for its original list price of over $5,000.
$50 - SKOTEL "Digital" Metronome OUTBOARD 1852 0
$50 - SKOTEL "Digital" Metronome Works perfectly Comes with Chart on top for BPM to frame/Beat VERY similar to the UREI metronomes
Nagra IV-S - 2 track with Varispeed RECORDERS 1841 0
No Picture
Nagra IV-S - 2 track with Varispeed Gearsluts: makes a KICK ASS tape delay... seriously the BEST tape delay... they made star wars with these things... Tape Op guys : Nagra etc etc $ 20 / day onsite $ 56.00/day offsite
$275 - Roland - SRV-2000 Reverb / delay trick OUTBOARD 1823 0
Roland - SRV-2000 Reverb / delay There is a trick to this one to get it to become the classic SDE-3000 delay... A three button with a power cycle Recently serviced sounds great!
DBX 911 - Noise Reduction OUTBOARD 1811 0
DBX 911 - Noise Reduction fits in 900 series racks I've never plugged them in, but I'm certain they work $40 each
Magma EB7 DIGITAL AUDIO 1804 0
Magma Magma EB6 6 card chassis PCIe to PCIx Expansion Chassis Avid Digidesign Pro Tools HD Complete with Host card and cable. Two of them are for sale ($1100 each) and we have a spare PSU for the chassis as well $100
$25 - SSL 4000 - Dynamics Switch banks 622008E2 CONSOLES - SSL 1758 0
$25 - SSL 4000 - Dynamics Switch banks 622008E2 622008E2
Behringer Edison - Stereo enhancer OUTBOARD 1755 0
Behringer Edison - Stereo enhancer $175.00 A secret weapon... I've already said too much
$50 - SSL 4000 - VCA Fader Circuit Board - 622017E1 CONSOLES - SSL 1751 0
$50 - SSL 4000 - Fader Circuit Board - 622017E1
$120 - SONY MDS- B2P Mini Disk Player RECORDERS 1738 0
$120 - SONY MDS- B2P Mini Disk Player Confirmed working. PLAYER ONLY!
$500 - Nagra Synchronizer RECORDERS 1717 1
$500 - Nagra Synchronizer fires up presumed working, I have no way of testing it
$175 - SSL - 6082291E - T82291 - Channel Amplifier Card CONSOLES - SSL 1710 1
$175 - SSL - 6082291E - T82291- Channel Amplifier Card
DPR-402 - Compressor limiter / De-Esser OUTBOARD 1698 0
CLASSIC DPR-402 - Compressor limiter / De-Esser There is a modified link switch on the front Sounds great. work perfectly one needs new lightbulbs, the other has them. $450 each or $850 for the pair
$45 - Euro Rack for module synth modules Cases - Euro Rack 1696 0
I have six Euro Racks Made by ELMA with 5mm spacing with M3 screws Three have very nice rack ears and handles three do not come off first come first serve $45 each
ADI-8 AE 24 Bit / 96 kHz 8-channel ADAT DIGITAL AUDIO 1694 0
Input AD: 1/4" TRS jack and 25 pin D-type connector, servo balanced, completely symmetrical DC-coupled audio path Output AD: ADAT optical, TDIF-1 (both 24 bit), word clock Input DA: ADAT optical, TDIF-1 (both 24 bit), word clock Output DA: 1/4" TRS jack and 25 pin D-type connector, servo balanced, DC-coupled audio path SNR AD: 111 dBA THD AD: < -110 dB (< 0.00032 %) THD+N AD: < -104 dB (< 0.00063 %) Crosstalk AD: > 130 dB SNR DA: 112 dBA unmuted THD DA: < -104 dB (< 0.00063 %) THD+N DA: < -102 dB (< 0.0008 %) Crosstalk DA: > 110 dB Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ Hi Gain: +19 dBu Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ +4 dBu: +13 dBu Input/Output level at 0 dBFS @ -10 dBV: +2 dBV Sample rates 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, variable (Sync/Word Clock) Frequency response AD/DA, -0.1 dB: 5 Hz - 21.5 kHz (sf 48 kHz) Frequency response AD/DA, -0.5 dB: < 5 Hz - 44.8 kHz (sf 96 kHz) Power supply: internal, 100 V-240 V AC Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 200 mm
Studer A80 - 16 track Head block - New Old Stock RECORDERS - STUDER 1690 3
Have you ever seen a unicorn? Well, this is just as rare. A near MINT condition A80 16 track head block. 94.782837289% headlife from the looks of it... But I'm not JRF $2500
$175 - ELMA Extrusion for Module buckets Cases - Euro Rack 1688 1
I have 19 piece of ELMA extrusion without floating nuts $175 for this lot including the tapped brass chunks
24 Channels of Digidesign 192 DIGITAL AUDIO 1687 0
PAIR of (2) Digidesign 192 interfaces with (1) A/D 8 channel Card and (1) D/A 8 channel Card will include short digilink cable and Loop sync BNC - BNC cables making it 24 channels of i/o. All channels are in perfect working condition. New fans recently installed $1200 FOR THE PAIR!!!!
Ward-Beck Consoles WANTED 1685 1
I'm always looking for WBS consoles of any size in any state in any condition anywhere. Let me know what you have
$40 - Phase 3 ADA-204A - Audio Distribution Amplifier OUTBOARD 1683 2
$40 - Phase 3 ADA-204A - Audio Distribution Amplifier Presumed working will test before shipping
$40 - Omni Mount - Speaker Mount MONITORING - MOUNTS 1682 1
Omni Mount - Speaker Mount $40 for the pair Providing a wide range of vertical and horizontal movement, the 30.0 WB assures the necessary coverage while supporting enclosures of limited strength. The WB series mounts are designed to support enclosures of limited strength as a bottom mount or a virtually invisible mount when mounted to the top. Fits most: Bookshelf speakers Supports up to: 30 lbs (13.6 kg) Pan: 180
TC Finalizer plus OUTBOARD 1674 0
TC Finalizer plus Multiband compressor limiter. makes it sound REALLY LOUD, or sound REALLY GOOD quiet... or you can make it sound however you want because it's infinitely flexible like most TC gear it did me very well and I expect it would do the same for you
Small 2 RU magma chassis Has 3 slots PCIe cards and has a host card to PCIx $1300
Drawmer DL441 quad auto comp - Quad Compressor OUTBOARD 1672 1
Drawmer DL441 quad auto comp - Quad Compressor PERFECT for club, small theatre, school, in ear rack POWER in a small space
$20 - DIVA SWAG 1661 0
$20 any size + shipping
Switchcraft - 96 Point TT Patchbay - un wired CABLE - PATCHING 1657 2
Switchcraft 96 Point TT Patchbay - un wired ready to be soldered into your project.
WBS - POD1 Balanced/Unbalanced Bi-Directional Converter OUTBOARD 1654 0
POD1 Balanced/Unbalanced Bi-Directional Converter POD1 is a bi-directional audio interface providing the conversion of a stereo balanced signal to an unbalanced signal, and vice versa. POD1 allows the use of low cost consumer grade record/playback equipment in a professional environment through impedance matching and level control. Front panel trim controls let the user match, record, and playback levels of consumer equipment to the professional standards employed. Connections on the rear panel are female and male XLR3 type for the balanced inputs and outputs and RCA phono jacks for the unbalanced inputs and outputs. Factory standard all PODS are supplied in a stand alone desktop POD-PACKAGE. PODS in rack mount assemblies many be ordered as a factory option. RMK1 - is a single 1 rack unit center mount assembly RMK2 - is a dual 1 rack unit mount assembly (if different PODS are mounted side by side, please specify which unit is located on the left, and which is on the right) RMK3 - is a dual 1 rack unit mount assembly including a front and rear blank panel set. (please specify whether the blank is on the left or right)
$100 - NOS SSL 4000 - Penny and Giles small fader CONSOLES - SSL 1652 0
Brand new never installed Penny and Giles small fader for SSL 4000 console $100 each
WBS M450B WANTED 1650 2
No Picture
Hello world!!! I am in need of several M450B cards. IF you have any, please let me know! Thank you. Warren
$25 - SSL 4000 - Group assign Switches 62237E1 CONSOLES - SSL 1619 0
$25 - SSL 4000 - Group assign Switches 62237E1 RED and Green $25 each
$20 - UREI SWAG 1603 0
$20 any size + shipping
$225 - SSL 4000 - DYNAMICS CARD = CF82E10 - 82E10T484 CONSOLES - SSL 1593 0
$225 - SSL 4000 - DYNAMICS CARD = CF82E10 - 82E10T484
ASHLY SC-77 Crossover OUTBOARD 1592 0
ASHLY SC-77 Crossover
$50 - Ampex 440 electronics covers RECORDERS 1590 0
$50 - Ampex 440 electronics covers I have two @ $50
$40 - Omni Mount - Speaker Mount with extensions MONITORING - MOUNTS 1589 0
Omni Mount - Speaker Mount with extensions could probably hold 25-30lbs each $40 for the pair
Catherine North Electronics 1272 PreAmplifiers OUTBOARD 1582 0
Locally Hand-Built, high-quality Neve-Styled 1272 Preamps. Each channel has: Phantom, Phase, -20dB Pad, 18dB/oct Low-Cut Filter at 60, 100, 185 and 275 hZ! XLR In, XLR + 1/4" outs. External Power Supply included.
Neve 1073 OUTBOARD 1579 3
2 Neve 1073 mic pre/eqs racked in oak case with power. Original caps.. these are in great shape. Includes Beyer Dynamic phantom and road case. 1073 - 12 KHz shelving on high band ****** 6 points in the mid (7.2K, 4.8K, 3.2K, 1.6K, .7K, .36 K) ******4 points on low (220, 110, 60, 35)
McCurdy Mic Pre-amps CONSOLES - McCurdy 1577 1
(4) mic pre-amps for the price of (1) I do Have schematics and pin outs (included) Includes bucket and edge connectors. Requires a qualified tech to make working. +/- 25 V PSU needed. removed from a working console and presumed working. However they are 30 years old and will require the regular servicing for equipment of their age. This price is conditional that I never see them again or get asked any questions about them. I don't know much about them, just that they are taking up space in a shelf
Fader Knobs CONSOLES 1575 2
18 mm, various colours, in stock. $5 a pop
$100 - Dolby Stereo Peak Meter MONITORING - VU METERING 1572 1
Dolby Stereo Peak Meter Tested, calibrated, powers up works great
$20 - NO! I wont charge your cell phone SWAG 1570 0
$20 - NO! I wont charge your cell phone
Catherine North Electronics PulTac Passive Tube Equalizer OUTBOARD 1554 0
Two channels of Passive and Inductor based Program Equalization! Heavily modified version of the Pultec EQP-1, adding much more flexibility in the Low-End Boost/Cut, and in the High-Cut sections, with excellent Sowter inductors used in the High-Boost. Single tube design, using one NOS Tesla/Sabre 6DJ8 per channel. Hammond Transformers isolating both Inputs and Outputs. This EQ is a dream to use! Most report that it adds a sense of 3D, depth or extended size to a mix, on top of having a rich low-end control with a smooth and comfortable high-end response; even when you're boosting 8k @ 10! You're welcome to schedule a tour of the studio, and bring some demo-tracks along to try the EQ out!
$20 - Not My Circus not my Monkeys SWAG 1539 0
$20 - any size + shipping
$100 - SSL 4000 Power supply card CONSOLES - SSL 1523 1
$100 - SSL 4000 Power supply card
$200 - AVP Long Frame Patchbay CABLE - PATCHING 1520 0
$200 - AVP Long Frame Patchbay Here is a 48 point Long Frame patchbay. Easy to wire, easy to normal, easy to install. The Best of the Best IMHO
$525 - Summit 2BA221 mic preamp OUTBOARD 1512 0
Summit 2BA221 TUBE mic preamp $525 each or a pair for $1000 Hear the Warmth Featuring microphone-level, line-level, and hi-Z instrument inputs, the 2BA-221continuously variable impedance microphone preamp utilizes separate and individually controlled solid-state input controls to mix the microphone input with the hi-Z or line input into the variable vacuum tube output. Mix them together through the 12AX7A/ECC83 vacuum tube output or seperately through individual solid-state outputs. The 2BA-221 also features a stackable input design; multiple 2BA-221's can be linked together to form a modular mixing device with individual outputs, inserts per channel, and a final vacuum tube gain stage. Its swept highpass filter, multiple simultaneous tube and solid-state outputs, insert jack, and internal power supply make the 2BA-221 a powerful tracking and mixing tool. Features: Variable Mic input impedance from 100 to 10K Variable highpass filter hi-Z Instrument-, line-, and mic-level input hi-Z input and Mic input available simultaneously with separate gain controls Separate solid-state and tube outputs Insert jack Stackable with more 2BA-221's Polarity switch and 20dB pad One 12AX7A/ECC83 vacuum tube Internal high voltage power supply XLR and 1/4" outputs and inputs Three variable, independent gain stages
$65 - Euro Rack for module synth modules INSTRUMENTS 1511 1
I have two Euro Racks Made by elma with 5mm spacing with M3 screws The have very nice rack ears and handles (so you can take your modules for a walk) Two for sale $65 each
Telefunken U47 - Mint condition MICROPHONES 1492 0
Mint Condition Telefunken U47 Tube microphone. Amazing condition. $20,000 USD I have never seen a specimen in this museum condition ever.
$100 - GENTNER TC-100 - Telephone Interface OUTBOARD 1483 0
$100 - GENTNER TC-100 - Telephone Interface no PSU no way to test presumed working
$20 - Leslie T-Shirt SWAG 1481 0
$20 any size + Shipping
Catherine North Electronics CN2A - Optical Leveling Tube Amplifier OUTBOARD 1478 0
Catherine North Electronics newest: The CN2A An Optical Leveling Tube Amplifier. Your audio signal goes through a lovely Sowter Input transformer, and into the hand-crafted Optical Compression Cell. Followed closely by a lovely Mullard 12ax7 for the initial make-up gain, and driven out another Sowter transformer by an Electro-Harmonix 12bh7. The Detector and Optical Drive unit is run off an EH-12ax7, and a nos-6aq5. GR-LC 'Gain Reduction - Low-Cut' is a 6dB/octave high-pass filter placed on the signal going into the detection circuit, reducing the compression sensitivity at low-frequencies. Ever heavily compress a signal, but get stuck with an un-wanted 'Pumping' or 'Breathing' response? Cut out the low-end from the detector, but keep it in your audio! The Compression Cell is made using modern LED Technology... This does not mean a super fast attack and release! The attack time, slope and knee have been tuned to suite our sonic desires. The initial release length has been timed to a moderate amount, but the joy lives in the fact that the real-release characteristic is program dependant! The result, is a compression response that smoothly grabs, and reduces the range of your signal... While still leaving enough of initial transient intact to retain clear definition and punch of your original signal! "I love the tone. Amazing response to vocals and keys. I find it easy to find a spot in the mix with minimal fuss!" The hand-crafted optical cell sits into an Octal Socket, and can be instantly replaced with any other T4a or T4b replacement cell... No modification needed!
(7) Genelec 8240A PM Powered speaker MONITORING - SPEAKERS 1474 0
Penny & Giles PGF4250 Fader CONSOLES - FADERS 1472 0
Never used, or installed older stock Mono 600
$20 - Banjo Mute SWAG 1469 0
$20 - Banjo Mute - any size + shipping
$20 - Polar Pattern SWAG 1469 0
$20 - Polar Pattern any size + shipping
$20 - SSL G+ SWAG 1457 0
$20 any size + shipping
$175 SSL 4000 - Group amplifier - 82295 CONSOLES - SSL 1451 0
$175 SSL 4000 - Group amplifier - 82295
HD recording with a push of a button looks and feels like a flashlight. Small lightweight camera lightweight so it's great for helmets or body mounting
Big Kick Ass Speakers - Audio Hardware - Steve Kranis MONITORING - SPEAKERS 1432 1
UREI 950 Ambient Noise dynamics controller OUTBOARD - DYNAMICS 1428 0
UREI 950 Ambient Noise dynamics controller Very interesting dynamics box. UREI mic pre-amp
$600 - Que Audio Location mic Kit 2 - NEW MICROPHONES 1427 0
Que Audio Location mic Kit 2 - NEW The Location Kit 2 delivers a set of 3 back-electret shotgun microphones in various sizes. Regardless of the application, there is sure to be an appropriate microphone within arm's reach. The kit ships with a complete line of accessories that include 2 power supplies, 2 shockmounts, 3 foam windscreens, stereo X/Y mounting bar and carrying case. Professional multi application shotgun kit Full range of wind rejection accessories 3 types of shotgun barrel for different pick up patterns High sound pressure level High rear and side rejection for maximum source point collection Hypercardioid for excellent on/off axis rejection Aircraft cabin carry on NEW - $600
DK Technologies DK T7 Loudness Meter- Demo unit MONITORING - VU METERING 1394 0
Measure Up! Demo unit, never installed. Come with Clamp and Cable Normally $4800 BLOWOUT at $4100 FROM: DK T7 will get You in Touch with Your Audio DK T7 ?
NEVE 8816 Summing mixer CONSOLES - NEVE 1383 1
Neve 8816 summing mixer includes quality D-SUB breakouts
SSL Duende Native Complete Bundle DIGITAL AUDIO 1367 0
No Picture
SSL Duende Native Complete Bundle $625